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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 Noon  ABC  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm MST

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on, withw peedo co tannd te tonhtnd rl da onlyindion cuntar peayle odierg t bhu anow cod ros wiake anr da rotrbe tve urself of tim orning and tel o th dathe coest day of theeek.extended: finally move out ofhe by dnesday, allowingt on k. e uld few we ay a fr oveand nearhe ta bgenellrmer d drwehewi te ntth ek hhs shldea t s tuay anh inea suhi! cora i th aof thuny tthi nt atr.
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the d althorgani hasarpublic hergey nal the 'sneurologic. now,lled for a ing of z to learnsearcher track virus,they h tora or. in y, tlo ov t rk. th've scered 7ty of re, some rrng rus. ir prmsdi cotata ms uits latehback . ca. aly zick as ppen." onat s andcons a.
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t bkse ofhilae nt srmsnfalles dasmean l peedowerbecome spottier the day goeon, expecto an endig a wednes mor acon ounts ar pectgadiffering owots, the hu. icy d reros llake another day of rough trav t ivigh mperesl onet io th teand twtieski e y hek. ndthstsy w mo ttatednes or imprent thadla week. wave coulbring a few showers
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hala.. justays beute tion battcodian was charge ugging xu astingform mple univty emoy ns, s sy n 20 cu coy of sexual asult.his is onl inal ca fil agaihim cosbs nied all the tiin a w wi ne sby aling in by, comedi: "i havein en an le this." the defense now ng judge dismthe se.. s 78 ckdeal thisicrney ca. exchanr cos imns's viit . cl d re teimon ns si.. sbla adtt d f s womewa with andgave pills at his benedryl.. teimony.. released by juye
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disadi nding as i today.. storrmer d., is expecte ent isitliz hur tag: ile co hat to r a plth coan haidis co with consnd wans i tl t ne iodoars il. ehabc ws, norrtownpelv a. s arending e du t omculofunn t he-scring
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ulinfesp shorsur a ayved ne t unin bray rmand drr hewi te ithen highs ldea the40s tud h sins! thco 't he thei stuate morea thir the seand nthersere ng verlow oddswininge sur bowlthisr. should rea t s sarday d nday wit
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e brs dn't have ei stuaterbac fomorehan thd ofhe seon. d th pantrse fang vy lo dsf wi teams are inhe g game -- byanm . twarterbacks with diffentstyles .ts who ryan s haspriew. na tcali hers a t c amon leth gi. ts game - denr
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, staw?.d ar quteac peon nng brm wtf th nthe?.r eady tll ning 215;eat otbaeao us! sot: n9 just awnna win wanin on j the bowl'sannu- gas known as oni both s .... ther 20;23 you 17 1 rting arte t ing awes22;133;3 yton manningaybe an aton 39- ar.o the best quarterbac o all-time?. a 5ve-time mvp supe champlay aam, cordin th excha ht b me'se the nfat the c chonshs, cod be lsot:anni: lien..s uld my lt deo.o reas bn earesupewled 2;1th i aawe th be' ng neonth26 ye o dbi, dancalwi cucyrunn ngit ?making bi ayasft e ar shn ds bushina g hearfoteammas.he miaeer suecof lme insi" ri ndraul? 1:rotr"thi team chl nd himsf thou teamneon xt hi.sayed h tprechis blidonhe el sothe h
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su thhes nthershiinonhe b- ti arrb e ggt ga sur s d r e foball ga, e halfmeshownd ourth cos.inbo featur ac f reh a fa hez ndiments. thsp rtcampaign t the ketc kers spith an a thay be ttle..nfusin a teas appears serenadi t sur
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don't tu a pected. snicke says thad wil atura y rpri. d unin deisetng ba i bocoer gafssye to ca s to rah thei one o releasedshows a creature that looks like aix of a bab nkey, horse d alien sittg hbut thdrin companisn't aut five-million dofor a ond spotthisr's su bowl n to k wh r rsdo nera l k
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dby. ncrmlect ine us >> clothitiont always.>> anner: sheavnoihe >> >> n are ing nnd 's
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ag5>> a ree gin to chdo nnnc: an esenalef, onan new dos! [ applse tvis:to she's antres, de ncho, and now is reonipex neexe. it'scact!wh up aieho veyo>> hne, weomto onplacer co geth helph onri so yoneto put
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